vEIN Awards

General Awards

Title Description Image
Donator Issued to any member who has donated financially to the VA Donator
Screenshot Contributor Awarded to a pilot for adding a screenshot to the website Screenshot Contributor


Title Description Image
Oz Tour Awarded for the completion of our tour of Australia Oz Tour
HUB Tour Award Presented for completing Tour 2 the vEIN Hub Tour HUB Tour Award
Tour 3 Awarded for completing Tour3 Tour 3
Tour 4 Awarded for completing Tour 4 Around S America Tour 4
Tour 5 Lions Tour Issued for completing Tour 5 Lions Rugby Tour Tour 5 Lions Tour


Title Description Image
First Flight Issued for completing your first flight with vEIN First Flight
50 Flights Awarded for completing 50 flights 50 Flights
100 Flights Awarded for completing 100 flights 100 Flights
Greased Landing Issued for achieving a landing rate between -1 and -164 in an A320 Greased Landing


Title Description Image
1 Year Membership Issued to members for 1 year service 1 Year Membership
2 Year Membership Issued to members with 2 years service 2 Year Membership
3 Year Membership Issued to members with 3 years service 3 Year Membership
4 Year Membership Issued to members with 4 years service. 4 Year Membership
5 Year Membership Issued to members with 5 years service 5 Year Membership


Title Description Image
4th Birthday Event Issued for taking part in the 4th Birthday event EIDW-KBOS 4th Birthday Event