about us

VirtualEI is a virtual Airline that mirrors the real world Aer Lingus. We have the full Aer Lingus fleet on our database and our schedules stay as close to our real world counterpart as possible.

We also try to accomodate every type of virtual pilot and realize that not every simmer likes to use airbus. For this reason we allow the following aircraft substitutes. A320=B737 A330=B747 ATR42=Q400.

We have a dedicated staff team that go the extra mile to ensure our members have the best virtual experience possible. All we ask in return is that you file a pirep once every 30 days.

Our fully responsive pilot center has all the information needed to fly for us using smartCARS2. All applicants to VirtualEI must complete a short and easy entrance exam to be accepted into our Va. If you are impressed and think VirtualEI is for you then click on the register button.

our features

Some features that Aer Lingus Virtual offers to our members

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